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Dogfrisbee training (31.03.2021)

I have never done this before – I haven’t posted videos of my training here, on my blog. But why not? I don’t have enough space on Instagram (characters limit), and on the Facebook page, it won’t be comfortable and easy to read. So here we go with a blog post!
Maybe someone will benefit from such in-depth analysis. Or at least, get someone interested in this fantastic sport that dogfrisbee for sure is.

Złośliwa Nutella - - z zycia wzięte

A mischievous jar of Nutella and an apparent win

So far, I started three blog posts. And in every single of them, I got stuck at some point. Because of that, I decided on a story that could happen to anyone – these are the most effortless to write, aren’t they? You don’t have to struggle with the plot a lot because you’re the one that experienced it.
Let’s get to the point – this could, possibly, happen to anyone, but only I was lucky enough.