dogfrisbee training

Dogfrisbee training (2.04.2021)

I loved it! So I’m uploading another dogfrisbee training here – the description won’t be as detailed because I don’t feel the need. The video is longer, and aside from the fact that I need to start setting a timer for these workouts, I’m thrilled. We did really well! But for the sake of balance, I’m also throwing in the second session of this workout, which is one big mess and pointless. Let me explain!

Dogfrisbee training (31.03.2021)

I have never done this before – I haven’t posted videos of my training here, on my blog. But why not? I don’t have enough space on Instagram (characters limit), and on the Facebook page, it won’t be comfortable and easy to read. So here we go with a blog post!
Maybe someone will benefit from such in-depth analysis. Or at least, get someone interested in this fantastic sport that dogfrisbee for sure is.

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